Australian-owned TS Global Pty Ltd has expanded significantly over the past 12 months.

Feb 07, 2022

Graham Holford, the company’s director, tells ABHR about how itsnew facilities are supporting the mining industry.

Australian mines are massive infrastructure systems, built tough to handle the harsh conditions and high throughputs.

To remain as durable as possible, bulk handling equipment tends to be heavy. As a result, installing a new belt cleaner could require two tradespeople moving a 70-kilogram piece of equipment up a gantry that could be covered in dust or debris.

Graham Holford, Director at TS Global says these are the kinds of problems that the company tackles when designing its equipment.

“The business has been built around practical people. Most of us are tradespeople who have been dealing with these problems and have firsthand experience with the challenges that our clients face,” he says.

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