A Technical Deep Dive into Tru-Trac Conveyor Belt Tracking Solutions

Oct 05, 2023

Maximising Conveyor Efficiency

Conveyor systems are the workhorses of modern industrial processes, efficiently moving materials and products within manufacturing facilities and distribution centres. Ensuring their optimal operation is essential, and this is where conveyor trackers come into play. This comprehensive technical guide provides an in-depth exploration into the intricate mechanics of Tru-Trac conveyor belt tracking solutions, focusing on the various types of conveyor trackers available within the Tru-Trac tracking solution range and dissecting how they operate to profoundly impact conveyor system performance.

The Essence of Conveyor Belt Tracking Systems Conveyor belt tracking systems are bespoke engineered components designed to maintain the precise alignment and movement of conveyor belts. They are pivotal for ensuring conveyor belts operate with precision, minimising wear and tear, reducing downtime, and enhancing overall operational efficiency. Tru-Trac, a leading name in conveyor trackers who have over 25 years of design and innovation. their patented technology offers a comprehensive array of products tailored to address specific tracking challenges.

Tru-Trac Conveyor Belt Tracking Solutions

  1. Tru-Trac Trough Conveyor Tracking System: The Tru-Trac Trough Conveyor Tracking System employs a unique frame design, combined with patented tapered wing rollers. This conveyor tracking system dynamically applies continuous pressure to the conveyor belts carry side. The result is automatic alignment, dramatically reducing spillage and material wastage. The system’s alignment is self-adjusting, guaranteeing sustained belt centering even during demanding operations.
  2. Tru-Trac Dual Return Conveyor Tracking System: The Tru-Trac Dual Return Conveyor Tracking System is engineered for applications with bi-directional belt travel conveyors. Its design accommodates changes in belt direction, offering consistent and precise tracking, regardless of the conveyor’s operating direction. This is achieved through a set of conveyor tracking rollers that adjust independently to maintain optimal alignment. The dual return tracker also accommodates excessive forces that come with wider belts and heavy loads, the dual conveyor tracker system results in extended bearing life and a very fast and effective tracking system.
  3. Tru-Trac Flat Return Conveyor Tracking System: The Tru-Trac Flat Return Conveyor Tracking System is designed to optimise belt tracking on the return side of the conveyor. Its unique frame and centre pivot design allow for advanced tracking, effectively keeping the belt centred, reducing wear, and ensuring smooth material handling on the return side.
  4. Tru-Trac V-Return Conveyor Tracking System: The Tru-Trac V-Return Conveyor Tracking System is renowned for its versatility in return side belt alignment. It incorporates a V-shaped frame design and specialised rollers that work in harmony to guide the belt, minimising misalignment issues, and guaranteeing uninterrupted material flow.
  5. Tru-Trac Low-Speed Conveyor Tracking System: The Tru-Trac Low-Speed Conveyor Tracking System is meticulously engineered for applications with slower conveyor belt speeds. Its robust construction and sophisticated tracking mechanism provide unparalleled accuracy and reliability, even in low-speed scenarios.

Technical Operation of Tru-Trac Conveyor Trackers The operational brilliance of Tru-Trac conveyor belt tracking solutions revolves around their innovative patent tracking roller design:

  • Self-Adjusting Mechanism: Tru-Trac rollers are equipped with a self-adjusting mechanism that is both responsive and intuitive. When the conveyor belt shifts off-center, these rollers pivot automatically, actively guiding the belt back to its intended path. This continuous self-correction eliminates the need for manual interventions and ensures uninterrupted belt alignment.
  • Precise Continuous Pressure: The key to Tru-Trac’s effectiveness lies in the application of continuous and uniform pressure to the conveyor belt. These rollers maintain a steady grip on the belt, even under the most demanding conditions. This unwavering pressure keeps the belt centered and mitigates misalignment.
  • Low Friction Design: Tru-Trac rollers are meticulously designed to minimise friction between the roller and the conveyor belt. This reduction in friction translates to reduced wear on both the rollers and the belt itself, ultimately prolonging the conveyor belt’s lifespan.
  • Minimal Maintenance: Thanks to their ingenious self-adjusting mechanism and durable construction, Tru-Trac rollers require minimal maintenance. Routine inspections and occasional cleaning are typically all that is needed to ensure peak performance.

Tru-Trac conveyor tracking solutions represent a pinnacle of engineering excellence in the realm of conveyor systems. Their innovative patented tracking systems and self-adjusting mechanisms offer unparalleled precision in maintaining belt alignment, minimising wear, and tear, reducing downtime, and enhancing overall operational efficiency. These solutions are not just a boon for industries but also a testament to the technical brilliance of Tru-Trac.

With TS Global as the exclusive Australian distributor for Tru-Trac products, Australian businesses gain access to these cutting-edge solutions, experiencing firsthand the technical superiority of Tru-Trac conveyor belt tracking systems. As conveyor systems continue to play a vital role in material handling across industries, the technical excellence embedded in Tru-Trac solutions becomes increasingly indispensable, contributing to safer, more productive, and more efficient workplaces. The seamless integration of Tru-Trac conveyor tracking solutions paves the way for a brighter future for conveyor systems, where precision and efficiency reign supreme.