Pulley Replacements made Easy

19 March 2020

Pulley replacements have always been a difficult maintenance task to achieve safely and efficiently, especially when it comes to removing your personnel from the line of fire. TS Global has released our range of pulley lifting beams including our Small (4.5T WLL), Medium (7T WLL) and Large (12T WLL). Utilising a telescoping body, our pulley lifting beams are fully adjustable to suit varying face widths.  We have also incorporated new features including an adjustable front hook to secure the beam to the pulley and rated safety chains. These features ensure that personnel can safely undertake a pulley replacement task out of the line of fire and without the need for mechanical aids typically used for this task. The TS Global Pulley Lifting Beam can be used on all pulley variants (live shaft and dead shaft) and positions including cases with an unbalanced load i.e drive pulleys with an extended shaft. The pulley lifting beam also features multi hole rail along the top of the beam which can be adjusted to maintain the centre of gravity.

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