Code of Conduct

TS Global is committed to the highest standards of conduct in the delivery of its service to clients and the public. This Code of Conduct Manual outlines the standard of behaviour expected of all workers and aligns worker conduct with the company values and ethics.


TS Global is committed to preserving the long-term health, function and viability of the natural environments affected by our operations and minimising the adverse impacts of our operations on the community in which we operate.


TS Global aspire to Zero Harm to people, our host communities and the environment and strive to achieve leading industry practice. Sound principles to govern safety, business conduct, social, environmental, and economic activities are integral to the way we do business.


TS Global actively manages and encourages diversity and inclusion. The company’s goal is to create a culture that is diverse, inclusive and that respects and celebrates our differences.


TS Global warrants that the goods are free of defects both in material and workmanship and are of merchantable quality. Please download the attached document for full warranty conditions.

Communication and Consultation

TS Global Pty Ltd is committed to providing an effective process for consultation and communication to ensure all stakeholders contribute to activities relevant to their roles.

Modern Slavery

TS Global is committed to acting and operating ethically, with integrity and in line with the Modern Slavery Act (2018).

Information Technology (IT)

TS Global Pty Ltd is committed to ensuring that our Information Technology (IT) Systems are operated in a mindful way, complying with legal and other responsibilities toward privacy, acceptable conduct and security of information stored.