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Belt Repair - Redi Repair

Redi Repair provides a simple, efficient and cost-effective solution for a damaged or torn conveyor belt. Redi Repair Natural 85 delivers a high-quality bond to the conveyor belt surface. It is a fast curing, two-part 100% solids polyurethane material which delivers excellent abrasion and tear resistance.

Redi Repair is suitable for repairs to fabric, steel cord and PVC conveyor belt, including repairing tears, spot/punctures, holes, skirt damage, edge damage, splice damage and protecting mechanical fasteners.

A range of accessories are also available to assist with the safe and efficient application of Redi Repair including:

  • Battery operated caulking guns
  • Pneumatic caulking guns
  • Manual caulking guns
  • Static mixing nozzles
  • Steel scrapers
  • Plastic scrapers
Belt Repair - Redi Repair
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Redi Repair