Belt Trackers

Belt Trackers

TS Global is the exclusive Australian Distributor of Tru-Trac belt trackers which are globally proven solutions for belt tracking and alignment problems.

The installation of belt tracking devices in strategic locations protects your conveyor belt and reduces the risk of potential damage to your belt. An effective tracking unit automatically reacts to change within a conveyor system and redirects the belt back to the centre of the conveyor.

Our range of Tru-Trac trackers includes:

  • Flat Return Trackers
  • Compact Dual Return Trackers
  • Compact Vee Return Trackers
  • Taper Trough Trackers
  • Low Speed Trackers
  • Custom Solutions

A major feature of the Tru-Trac tracker is that it relies upon balanced forces being applied on both tapered rollers (which occurs when the belt is running on centre). As the belt tracks off centre, a speed differential is created on the tapered rollers. This speed differential, coupled with the friction between the rollers and the conveyor belt, activates the tracker which steers the belt back to the centre of the conveyor.