Conveyor Belt Cleaners

Conveyor Belt Cleaners

Conveyor belt cleaning systems are one of the most critical components of a conveyor system in terms of their ability to drive operational costs down and improve conveyor performance and safety. Efficient conveyor belt cleaning systems extend the service life of the conveyor belt, reduce clean-up costs, and improve overall plant performance, safety, and environmental impacts. All deliverables offer cost saving opportunities for any maintenance budget regardless of size.

Primary Belt Cleaners

The main objective of a primary belt cleaner is to remove the majority (up to 80%) of the fines at the discharge point of the conveyor.

Secondary (or tertiary) Cleaners

The main objective of a secondary belt cleaner is to remove most fines that pass through the primary belt cleaner and return them to the main product flow.

Our primary and secondary cleaners are manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel (316 available upon request).