Conveyor Belt Skirting Systems

Conveyor Belt Skirting Systems

At TS Global, we take pride in delivering solution-based offers for our Skirting Systems.

We understand the importance of an effective conveyor skirt system at transfer points to ensure optimal performance and minimise damage to your equipment.

Our skirting system is designed with a focus on reducing the air gap between the soft and hard skirt, which prevents rogue material being trapped between these surfaces, causing premature conveyor belt skirt line damage. The system comprises of three main components: a steel skirt plate (mounting plate), a wear liner (hard skirt), and a dust sealing mechanism (soft skirt).

Mounting Plate: Our steel skirt plate is a versatile mounting plate that allows for easy customisation for each application. This can be manufactured from stainless or mild steel. The purpose of this plate is designed to mount the adjustable hard skirt utilising our unqiue external adjustment mechanism. We manufacture a range of soft skirt clamping systems that can be utilised.

Hard Skirt: The hard skirt’s main purpose is to control and direct the bulk material flow through the loading point. Typically, the hard skirt should be set 3-5mm off the conveyor belt, this is to ensure only fines material presents to the soft skirt. This minimises the risk of skirt failure. We have a range of hard skirting solutions available in Bisalloy, Hardox, Duaplate, or ceramic for heavy duty applications.

Soft Skirt: The soft skirt’s main function is to provide an effective seal between itself and the conveyor belt. Allowing the retention of fines material within the skirting system and ultimately reducing dust emissions. We have a range of soft skirting options available in both rubber and polyurethane materials.

At TS Global, we custom design our product for each application, whether for new or existing conveyor systems. Contact us for a quote or further information, and experience the benefits of our innovative skirting system.