DD Series Conveyor Structure

DD Series Development Drive

The DD series of development drives is designed in a modular fashion, allowing maximum configuration flexibility, simple installation, and high equipment availability. There are 3 drive configurations:

  • The Light Series which covers drives up to 150KW, designed for greater mobility and simpler operation than the larger series drive, incorporating a manual winch and a 2 lap Loop take up (upgradable to 4 upon request)
  • The Heavy Series (150KW) utilises the same jib section as the larger series, including the heavier pulleys and includes VVVF winch to accommodate longer belt lengths but maintains the drive pulley mounted to the jib section, allowing the drive unit to be upgraded to 350KW at a later date if required.
  • The Heavy Series (250-350KW) has a separate drive module which is attached once the jib section is in location and is inclusive of the gearbox, fluid coupling drive motor etc.
created by dji camera
created by dji camera