RKM Rollers

RKM Rollers


With over 35 years engineering experience in the conveyor industry, RKM is well equipped to provide the ideal tailored solution. Though total customer focus, RKM provides intelligent solutions that deliver our clients a genuine quality product at internationally competitive prices.

RKM’s seal package includes 3 layers of bearing protection preventing the access of foreign material. Our rollers are water and dust resistant with the bearing end float adjusted to meet your specifications. RKM also manufacture Transition Idler Frames which are designed specifically for transition zones. Featuring Angle Transom, Tubular Transom, Inline or Offset options and more.

RKM also supplies a range of high-quality accessories designed to get the most out of our rollers. Our range includes guide rollers, measurement gauges, stone guards, keeper plates, lanyard wire support, wind guards and roller carrying devices.