TS Global Wins Tender for Rio Tinto Belt Cleaner Supply and Maintenance.

Nov 23, 2021

Rio Tinto Belt Cleaner Supply and Maintenance.

This week, Graham Holford, General Manager at TS Global, announced that TS Global was recently awarded a three-year contract for the Supply of Conveyor Belt Cleaner.

In a groundbreaking turn of events, TS Global has emerged victorious in a fiercely competitive tender to supply and maintain belt cleaners for the esteemed Rio Tinto corporation. This triumph marks a significant milestone for the company, solidifying its reputation as an industry leader in providing innovative solutions for the mining sector. With their cutting-edge technologies and unwavering commitment to excellence, TS Global has set a new standard for efficiency and reliability in maintaining conveyor systems across the mining landscape.

This achievement is not merely a testament to TS Global’s prowess, but also signals a paradigm shift in the way mining companies approach equipment maintenance and optimization. The partnership between TS Global and Rio Tinto promises to revolutionize belt cleaning operations, ushering in an era of heightened productivity and environmental sustainability within the mining industry. As we delve into this groundbreaking collaboration, it becomes clear that this success story extends far beyond mere procurement – it represents a bold step towards redefining operational standards on a global scale.

Components and Associated Maintenance by Rio Tinto Iron Ore.

TS Global offers a range of belt cleaning and conveyor products which are designed and manufactured in our facility in Newcastle, NSW, coupled with our locally based product support and service team which was seen as a valuable partnership for Rio Tinto.

Director Graham Holford said ‘This partnership with Rio Tinto is an exciting opportunity to work with one of the largest mining operators in Australia with shared desire to collaborate in achieving high performance belt cleaning systems’. We are extremely grateful for Rio Tinto deciding to support a privately owned Australian business such as TS Global.

TS Global’s specialised service team will provide support to Rio Tinto’s asset management team with the focus on driving innovation, standardisation and optimisation of all belt cleaning systems.

Western Australia Manager for TS Global, Scott Slattery said ‘We are excited for the opportunity to assist in improving efficiencies and adding value to Rio Tinto Iron Ore sites across Western Australia’.