The Essential Guide to Conveyor Belt Scrapers by TS Global

Jun 08, 2024

In the realm of material handling, conveyor systems are pivotal for efficient and continuous operations. At TS Global, we understand the critical role that conveyor belt scrapers play in maintaining these systems. Our state-of-the-art conveyor belt scrapers are designed to enhance productivity, reduce maintenance costs, and ensure operational efficiency.

Importance of Conveyor Belt Scrapers

Conveyor belt scrapers, also known as belt cleaners, are essential components in any conveyor system. Their primary function is to remove residual material adhering to the belt, preventing carry back that can cause a host of issues including increased wear, material spillage, and system inefficiencies. Without effective scrapers, material build-up can lead to significant downtime and maintenance costs, reducing overall productivity.

Types of Conveyor Belt Scrapers

At TS Global, we offer a range of conveyor belt scrapers tailored to meet diverse operational needs:

Primary Scrapers

Primary scrapers are installed at the discharge point of the head pulley. They are the first line of defence against carry back and are designed to remove the bulk of residual material. TS Global’s primary scrapers are engineered with high-quality materials to ensure durability and efficient cleaning.

Secondary Scrapers

Secondary scrapers are positioned further along the conveyor belt to clean any remaining material missed by the primary scraper. These scrapers ensure a thorough cleaning process, reducing the risk of material build-up. TS Global’s secondary scrapers are designed for optimal performance in various industrial environments.

Tertiary Scrapers

In applications requiring exceptionally clean belts, tertiary scrapers provide an additional level of cleaning. They are typically used in conjunction with primary and secondary scrapers for maximum efficiency.

Features of TS Global’s Conveyor Belt Scrapers

Durability and Performance

The durability and performance of our conveyor belt scrapers are driven by using high-quality materials. We utilize polyurethane and carbide in our scrapers to ensure they can withstand the most demanding industrial environments. Polyurethane offers excellent resistance to abrasion and impact, making it ideal for primary and secondary scrapers. Carbide, known for its hardness and resistance to wear, is used in applications requiring maximum durability and cutting efficiency.


We understand that every conveyor system has unique requirements. TS Global offers customizable scraper solutions to fit specific belt widths, speeds, and material types, ensuring optimal performance for your application.

Ease of Maintenance

Our conveyor belt scrapers are designed for easy installation and maintenance. Quick-change blade systems and modular designs minimise downtime and maintenance efforts, allowing for swift adjustments and replacements.

Enhanced Safety

Safety is a paramount concern in all our designs. TS Global’s scrapers are engineered to minimise hazards, featuring secure attachment systems and ergonomic designs that reduce the risk of injury during maintenance and operation.

Benefits of Using TS Global’s Conveyor Belt Scrapers

Improved Efficiency

By effectively removing carry back, our scrapers enhance conveyor efficiency, ensuring smooth operation and reducing the likelihood of system blockages.

Cost Savings

Reduced carry back means less wear and tear on conveyor components, leading to lower maintenance costs and extended equipment life. This results in significant cost savings over time.

Environmental Impact

Efficient material removal minimises spillage and dust emissions, contributing to a cleaner and more environmentally friendly operation. This is particularly important in industries with strict environmental regulations.


At TS Global, we are committed to providing innovative and high-quality conveyor belt scraper solutions that enhance the performance and longevity of your conveyor systems. Our expertise in the industry ensures that we deliver products that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. Whether you need primary, secondary, or tertiary scrapers, TS Global has the right solution for your needs.