Exploring Tru Trac Belt Trackers Innovation: Precision Engineering in Focus

Aug 23, 2023

In the world of material handling and conveyor systems, precision and efficiency are paramount. Conveyor belt tracking is a critical aspect of maintaining smooth operations and preventing downtime. Tru Trac Belt Trackers has emerged as a pioneering solution that harnesses innovation and precision engineering to tackle this challenge head-on. In this article, we delve into the innovations offered by TruTrac Belt Tracker, highlighting how its precision engineering has transformed conveyor belt tracking.
Conveyor systems underpin industrial processes, silently enabling material transport. Yet, belt misalignment remains a challenge. TruTrac Belt Trackers are a testament to engineering excellence, elevating belt tracking accuracy. This technical exploration delves into TruTrac Belt Tracker innovations, uncovering their mechanisms, benefits, and product range.

Engineering Dynamics Unveiled:

TruTrac Belt Trackers blend innovation and practicality. TruTrac Belt Trackers operate through a dynamic alignment mechanism that utilises a tapered lagged surface in combination with its unique pivoting system to maintain proper belt alignment on conveyor systems.

Advantages Explored:

Seamless Operations: TruTrac minimises disruptions by negating manual interventions, ensuring smooth operations despite changes.

Enhanced Efficiency: Preventing spillage and damage, TruTrac minimises downtime, streamlining material handling and reducing maintenance costs.

Integration Ease: TruTrac’s versatility allows effortless integration into various setups.

Maintenance Simplicity: Precision engineering leads to minimal wear, extending both mechanisms’ lifespan.

TruTrac Product Range:

TruTrac® Tracker™: The flagship model, redefining tracking precision and efficiency.
TruTrac® Flat Return Tracker™: Optimising tracking for flat conveyor return belts.
TruTrac® Dual Return Tracker™: Ensuring alignment on both sides for dual return conveyor systems.
TruTrac® Taper Trough Tracker™: Targeted tracking for conveyor systems with troughing idlers.

TruTrac Belt Tracker: A Revolution in Conveyor Belt Tracking

Conveyor belts are the lifelines of various industries, facilitating the movement of bulk materials efficiently. However, the misalignment of conveyor belts can lead to costly downtime, increased maintenance, and even safety risks. TruTrac Belt Tracker addresses these issues by introducing cutting-edge innovations that redefine belt tracking mechanisms.

Dual Return Model: One of the standout innovations of TruTrac Belt Tracker is its dual return model. This innovation ensures that the tracker can be mounted on either side of the conveyor, offering unparalleled flexibility in installation. This flexibility is especially crucial in situations where space constraints or existing structures limit the placement of tracking systems. TruTrac’s dual return model accommodates a wide range of conveyor configurations, optimizing adaptability.

Economical and Efficient: TruTrac Belt Tracker’s design reflects a commitment to efficiency and economy. Traditional tracking solutions often involve complex installations, frequent adjustments, and high maintenance costs. TruTrac disrupts this pattern with its streamlined design that requires minimal maintenance. Its precision engineering minimizes wear and tear, significantly reducing operational costs over time.

Universal Application: Whether it’s in mining, cement, agriculture, or any other industry relying on conveyor systems, TruTrac Belt Tracker proves its universality. The tracker’s versatility is attributed to its ability to handle a wide range of belt widths and environments. This adaptability ensures that industries can implement the technology without worrying about compatibility issues or the need for extensive modifications.

Active vs. Passive Tracking: Tru Trac Belt Trackers offers both active and passive tracking systems. The active tracking system uses an adjustable tensioning mechanism to maintain belt alignment actively. In contrast, the passive system utilizes the force of the misaligned belt to engage the tracking system. This innovation allows industries to choose the tracking mode that best suits their operational needs, striking a balance between automation and simplicity.

Durability and Reliability: Precision engineering forms the foundation of TruTrac Belt Tracker’s durability and reliability. The use of high-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship ensures that the tracker can withstand harsh operating conditions, including extreme temperatures and abrasive materials. This longevity reduces downtime, enhances productivity, and reinforces the return on investment.


TruTrac Belt Tracker’s innovations have brought about a paradigm shift in the world of conveyor belt tracking. Its precision engineering, flexibility, and efficiency set new standards for the industry. With its dual return model, universal application, and active/passive tracking options, TruTrac demonstrates its commitment to meeting the diverse needs of industries across the board. As material handling processes evolve, the importance of such innovations in maintaining seamless operations cannot be overstated.

Incorporating TruTrac Belt Tracker into conveyor systems not only prevents costly disruptions but also fosters a culture of efficiency and precision. By embracing this groundbreaking technology, industries pave the way for optimized operations, reduced maintenance costs, and enhanced safety.

Investing in innovation like TruTrac Belt Tracker is a testament to an industry’s forward-thinking approach. As the demands of global markets continue to evolve, staying at the forefront of technology becomes pivotal for sustainable growth. Tru Trac Belt Trackers precision engineering serves as a beacon of progress, guiding industries toward a future where precision, efficiency, and adaptability converge seamlessly.