Belt Trackers

The installation of belt tracking devlces in strategic locations protects your conveyor belt and reduces the risk of potential damage to your belt. An effective tracking unit automatically reacts to change within a conveyor system and redirects the belt back to the centre of the conveyor.

Tuff Trackers

The Tuff tracker is designed to automatically react and correct any misaligned conveyor belt. The misaligned belt contacts a servo roller pivoting the frame on our unique thrust plate, correcting belt alignment. Our trackers are custom manufactured to suit each application and existing site rollers. They are most commonly used on long, single direction conveyors.

Inverted Vee Trackers

The Inverted Vee tracker is designed to lock a belt into position. This tracker applies a fixed tension to either side of the belt to minimise belt wander. It can be adjusted on site to suit any conveyor structure and is most commonly used on short centered, slow moving or reversing conveyors.

Hydraulic Trackers

The Hydraulic tracker utilises a limit switch which signals the hydraulic cylinder to pivot and redirect a misaligned conveyor belt. The tracker is powered by the moving conveyor belt and does not require an external power source. Each tracker is custom manufactured to suit your application and existing site rollers.

Hydraulic trackers are a specialised option for demanding applications where traditional units are not sufficient such as on shiploaders, reclaimers and boom belts.

Our trackers are manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel (316 available upon request).

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